Lora J. Chilton

Lora J. Chilton

Journey Through '1666: A Novel' and Enter the World of Author Lora J. Chilton

Immerse Yourself in a Tale of History, Culture, and Unyielding Resilience, Crafted Through the Art of Words

Readers Are Loving 1666: A Novel

Amazon readers have rated 1666: A Novel with 4.6 stars out of 5 and Goodreads readers have rated it 4.2 stars.

Discover the Unwritten Chapters of Lora J. Chilton's Journey

Enjoy this playlist inspired by “1666: A Novel.”

This playlist has a special focus on Indigenous artists, including a song by “Mr. Las Vegas,” Wayne Newton, who is also a member of the Patawomeck Tribe of Virginia. It also draws inspiration from Memphis musicians and explores themes of love, water, and resilience.

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” – Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize laureate

Meet Lora Chilton, a story teller with roots in the Patawomeck Indian Tribe of Virginia through the lineage of her father. 

As a member of this vibrant community, Lora’s storytelling is infused with the authenticity of her heritage. She weaves together the threads of history, culture, and resilience to create narratives that transcend time. From nursing to small business ownership, elected office to non-profit leadership, her life’s journey has taken many forms. Now, as an accomplished author, she continues to celebrate the spirit of her people through her words.

Curious to learn more about Lora’s extraordinary journey? Explore the full story of the author and her rich background – a tapestry woven with diverse experiences, boundless passion, and a commitment to preserving the legacy of the Patawomeck Tribe.

Most Anticipated Historical Fiction 2024

She Reads – Named 1666: A Novel One Of Their Most Anticipated Historical Fictions in 2024

Kirkus Reviews

“A disturbing, absorbing, and valuable addition to the literature of cruelty inflicted upon Indigenous peoples.”

– Kirkus Reviews

BookBub's Best Historical Fiction of 2024

BookBub – Named 1666: A Novel To Their The Best Historical Fiction of 2024 List

Hidden River Arts

1666: A Novel Was a Finalist for the Eludia Award, Offered By Hidden River Arts

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“We embrace the cycle of life. We know there are a finite number of moons to be lived.” – 1666: A Novel by Lora Chilton

The survival story of the Patawomeck Tribe of Virginia has been remembered within the tribe for generations, but the massacre of Patawomeck men and the enslavement of women and children by land hungry colonists in 1666 has been mostly unknown outside of the tribe until now. Author Lora Chilton, a member of the tribe through the lineage of her father, has created this powerful fictional retelling of the survival of the tribe through the lives of three women.

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1666: A Novel

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Here's What Readers Are Saying About "1666: A Novel"

“Lora Chilton’s 1666: A Novel is an historically accurate, horrific, moving chronicle of the devastation wrought on the indigenous population by white settlers in early America. The author manages to take large dollops of shocking history, a history I was unfamiliar with, and fashion them into a narrative that moves like a chilling wind. With an unflinching eye, and an unwavering heart, she crafts vivid scenes and memorable characters. The story is a tragedy, of course, but in Chilton’s sure hands, it transcends the horrors, and the name of this transcendence is Art. Its main character, a Patawomeck woman named Golden Fawn, is deep-rooted, and marvelously real. Long live Golden Fawn, and long live Lora Chilton who has written a novel as rich and indelible as the black earth beneath us.”

    --Corey Mesler

    Author of Memphis Movie, and The World is Neither Stacked For Nor Against You: Selected Stories.

    “With meticulous research, Lora Chilton’s 1666: A Novel, brings to life the forgotten and tragic story of women who survived a disgraceful chapter in our melting-pot history. Following them from Virginia and the birth of the ‘New World,’ to Barbados, eventually back to their lost homelands, you cannot help but mourn the lost opportunity early settlers had to collaborate rather than annihilate.”

      –Molly Calwell Crosby

      Author of The American Plague, and The Great Pearl Heist.

      “Beautifully written, 1666: A Novel tells a story that needs to be told….this is a story of the survival of our best selves over our worst. A story seeking wholeness by coming home. A read that will make you cry and fill your hearts at once.”

        –Dr. Barbara U. Prescott

        Co-author of My Heart Got Married and I Didn’t Know It.